5K Extreme Poster 2015


To start with I planed two pieces of wood down to .858" thick.  The rubber material is .060" thick.  Trim the rubber to fit each piece of wood then glue down using contact adhesive.   



Once the glue has set I trimmed the rubber again along the edge of the wood.  The contact adhesive sets pretty fast once the rubber is laid on the wood, full cure/set is 7 days according to the can.  I've waited 5 days before to cut the rubber which was way to long-it made for a real hard time removing the rubber!!  I'd cut do the next step within 4 to 24hrs of applying the adhesive.

On the computer I printed off my image (ink almost ran out on me), I lightly sprayed the back of these pieces with a spray adhesive and placed on the print block.  I used the lower left corner for my alignment, which did give it a very very close registration sign this was a two color process.  From there I just took a razor blade knife and cut alone the lines.  I peeled off the material I didn't want to print, leaving my printable image.     


Right now one of the best sources I've found for a small variety amount of bright colors of posters paper is none other than WalMart.  It's just under a $1 a sheet, 28"x22".  I then take it to my late 1800's Thorp Rotary knife paper cutter (click here to see more details on it) and cut it in half to 14"x22"...perfect poster size....for about 50 cents a poster.       


Our paper is cut, now to apply ink. The first picture already has two colors applied.  The second picture shows the two colors of the logo better and now the large name of the event in Red.  At this point the poster has seen three different setups, and three runs through the press so far.  The press being used is a Vandercook 4 proofing press.       



All letters/text are hand set, one letter at a time.  Here you see the line "Run or Walk    Wet or Dry"  Each letter is pulled from a case of type where it also has to be put back when done printing. 



Here's the finished poster.  There are five colors in this poster, so that's five times through the press.  25 posters were made in various colors.