Kelsey Star Jobber 7x11
Made in Meriden, Conn. around 1899
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This press was designed by George W. Prouty, a must simpler press design than the one he designed and sold while owing his own business.  It sounds like he sold the design to Kelsey shortly after his own company was sold off.  This press was commonly sold for years by Kelsey as their 7x11 treadle press.  The next size larger was the Kelsey Union press.  For smaller presses Kelsey didn't offer treadle presses, but had a huge line up of hand press. 

The following pictures are of our Kelsey Star.  It's lucky to still be around to be honest.  You can see it has a Menard's special splint put on it's leg where it was broken at one time.  Most of the time when this happen the owner would call the junk boys in to haul it away.  Also the platen has some major impression screw issues going on, which will need to be fixed to make it printable again.