Prouty   6x9
Old Style with open half gears
S/N - brass plate missing

The press shown below is a Prouty 6x9 treadle press.  Prouty's were made in Boston, Mass. by George W. Prouty & Co. The first couple years Prouty presses were nothing more than Gordon Presses.  But George Prouty was more into making a new style press that he felt worked better.  The design with the two half open gears was one of his first.  He later made a more upright design called The Perfected Prouty which was similar looking to a Pearl Improved.  After he company sold to Kelsey they (Kelsey) used one of his designs for a cheaper & lighter press treadle press they called the Kelsey Star.  The Prouty pictured needs some work before it will print again, but nothing major.  The second picture below shows how a Prouty looks when all dress up...VERY SHARP!!!