Golding Pearl No. 3  (old style)
7"x 11"   Treadle Press
S/N 676       June 25th, 1879

The following photos show my 7x11 Pearl press. The first picture shows how I got it in July 2004. It came from the back room of a couples garage in Iowa City, IA. The press belonged to the ladyís father who was a minister in Minnesota. He used the press to put together weekly thoughts that were handed out each Sunday at Church. When he passed away his daughter acquired the press with hopes to make it print again. After some years sitting in the garage in pieces she lost the interested in the press. Then some 25 years later she decided to sell the press and just by luck a friend of mine goes to her church and let her know I might be interested. We made a deal on press and I hauled it home. It needed to be re-assembled, new rollers made, and platen adjusted. Today itís a very fine running press and one of my favorites to stomp out work for the APA.

Pearl in pieces when I first go it home

Pearl in working order...print ready

S/N to the Pearl No. 3