Alert Printing Press   5x8
S/N - - none found
Very Rare    1 of 3 known

Alert presses were made by Gorham & Co. in Boston, Mass.  The first picture is from a sales ad for the Alert Rotary Press.  They tagged these as "rotary" press since they were also into hand lever type press. 

Pearl in pieces when I first go it home

The next two pictures are how the press looked when I acquired it.  Three of the four legs are broken, the crankshaft is broken right where the flywheel hooks can see the broken shaft still in the flywheel.  The cam follower arm one of the tabs is broken off it it.  The press is rust welded together, it's stuck hard!!!  Nothing on the press moves....and care must be taken to not brake anything more when trying to free pieces up.  The important part of this pile of parts is it's ALL there!!!  All the broken pieces have remained with the press.  If pieces were missing or tossed away years ago restoring this press may have never happened...another one for the melt down pile!!!

Pearl in working order...print ready

S/N to the Pearl No. 3