Curtis & Mitchell  6x9
Columbian #2 Rotary
S/N 427

This is a Curtis & Mitchell 6x9 Columbian #2 Rotary.  Made in Boston, Mass. between the years of 1878 to 1891.  The first two pictures below is as we found it, and where it had been for the last 50 years.  It was in the front office of the Cuba Journal Print Shop -- Cuba, ILL. It was believe to be last used in the 1980's.  One of the selling points of a C&M press was the dwell time of the platen being open was much longer than any other press.  In the picture you can see the side draw arm has a large slot in it, this was how they made for the longer dwell time.   

Curtis & Mitchell home for many years

Another view - note the C&M logo in the treadle too.  The two sides have a face medallion, and the front & back have the C&M Logo - old style logo where they blended the letters C&M together as one letter. 


Curtis & Mitchell another view


Over the years many press got a spray can or brush paint job to "freshen" them up for what ever reason.  I'm guessing when this press went as a front office display piece it got a fresh coat of black paint. But under these paints you can unlock the dress clothes they were in when sold new!!!!

Amazing what old paint will hide!!!!

With a little paint thinner, and some soft rubbing the true colors come back.  Note not only is the face medallion a nice gold but the deep red pin strip around it...and that red pin strip outlines most of the base edges. 

Now thats sharp!!!

Serial Number 427 stamped on the top side of the platen in plain site under the tympan paper holder. 

Now thats sharp!!!