Chandler & Price 8x12        New Style - Motorized


I'm counting this as being 2nd owner.  The story goes - This press was sold new in 1962 to a small print shop owner in Pennsylvania.  He drove his pickup truck right to Chandler & Price factory in Cleveland, OH to pick it up.  He toured the factory and they loaded his press in the back of his truck.  Years later is was sold to a man in Wisconsin that always had plans on hooking it up and running it again, but never did. He stored it nicely in a heated basement where I removed it from.  So if you don't count the "middle man" who stored it, we are offical the second working owners of the press.  This is a very nice running press and have used the pony inker a couple times. 



I'm Here's a picture of the S/N on this press.  Checking the records that makes this press a 1962 and it's also the 11th from the last press ever built by C&P of the new style 8x12 size.  The 8x12 new style C&P started in 1911 and ended in 1962 - 51 years they built this style/size.