Alden   Model 3
7x10  Job Press
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The Alden Jobber Press is nothing more than a newer Daughaday Press with a different flywheel.  Once the Daughaday Company was sold off the rights to the Model press line went to Alden, shortly after that to another company which only put "Model 3 Jobber Press" on the flywheel.  The Alden Co. was based out of Cincinnati, Ohio..but it's unsure where the casting for these presses were foundered.  It is a clone of a Daughaday Model 3 treadle expect for the flywheel.  Alden Press Co. was short lived so there isn't to many Alden Presses out there...most were Daughaday or just Model #3 Jobber Presses. 

As is when it first came home...looks nice on the bricks!!!