Wooden Galley Cabinet
Maker - Unknown


This is a galley cabinet that came from the Steneman Printing of Independence, IA.  As you can see in the first picture it was pretty rough shape.  The shelves had all fallen down with galleys of type still in them.  The next pictures is the finished cabinet as of today.   



This is a 20 tray galley cabinet, but 6 of the shelf pieces are missing.  This piece is 100% SOLID wood.  The sides, top & bottom are 1" pieces of oak.  The shelves are a softer wood, but NOT plywood!!!  The second photo in this group shows the major issue with this cabinet.  The sides are bowed outward in the middle....letting the shelves drop.  



6 new shelves were made with the front half still being solid wood.  The piece way to the left is an original shelf, the next piece to the right is one of 6 new shelves made for this piece.  The second picture here is pretty cool.  At first I couldn't understand why the ink wasn't coming off the top with the chemical stripper.  Then I noticed it wasn't ink....it was cigarette burns in the wood.  I decided not to sand them out but leave them....that's character and history burned into that top!!!!  You just won't find to many more cigarette burns on furniture today!!!